Key features

  • Provides complete nutrition for your newborn baby
  • Nutritionally complete breast milk substitute
  • Easy to digest
  • Key nutrients for growth
  • 100% genuine product
Product Price $1,950.00

Product Description

Cow and gate first infant milk provide actual and complete nutrients for your baby. for the first few months, your baby will get proper nutrients from it.  Cow and gate first infant milk from a newborn is a nutritionally complete breast milk substitute suitable from birth. It can be used to complement breastfeeding or for babies not being breastfed.


whey powder,vegetable oils,skimmed milk powder,lactose,dietary fibres (galacto-oligosaccharides, polyfructose),fishoil,potassium citrate,calcium chloride,calcium carbonate,sodium citrate,magnesium chloride,vitamin C,L-arginine,emulsifier (soya lecithin),taurine,iron sulphate,vitamin E,zinc sulphate,citidine 5′- monophosphate,adenosine 5′-monophosphate,uridine 5′- monophosphate,inosine 5′- monophosphate,niacin,guanosine 5′- monophosphate,folic acid,copper sulphate,vitamin A,vitamin B12,pantothenic acid,biotin,beta-carotene,vitamin D,thiamin,vitamin B6,manganese sulphate,potassium iodide,vitamin K,sodium selenite